I have bought Premium Support package. What's next?

Follow the steps below to help us prepare the best solution for you. The scope of our support depends on the information you will give us about your needs.

  1. To use your time in the most efficient way, please create PDF document that will describe all requested changes in priority of importance.

  2. Be very precise and attach screenshots where it will help us to understand requested changes. If you’ve got more than one idea that will fit your needs (button here or there) then describe all of them - sometimes one is easier than the other (will take less time).

  3. About deploying changes: if you wish we could apply all custom modifications on your installation - if so, then we need some method to access your installation. If you wish to apply them by yourself then you’ll get all files and instruction how-to.

  4. If your installation is customized already (e.g. with custom fields in recordsets) and our custom modifications will be based on your changes, then please describe all changes you have made so far.

  5. Our works are based on “Agile Software Development” methodology, which we believe is the best way in everyday cooperation with our customers. It means that you can keep watching the progress of our support works, suggest corrections when needed or request additional changes at any time.

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