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I have been using Epesi CRM for a while already. Before I chose the CRM system I tested several of open source projects like Suger or Vitiger. I have also experience from using and MS Dynamix. For the CRM I had several requirements that the system needed to meet. First there is nothing worse than the system that is too complicated from the user experience perspective. Sales folks are always complaining about spending time with CRM – it needs to be intuitive and comfortable. Epesi is just brilliant here. I did not have to spend much time to get it up and running (I am not an IT guy), same for my sales guys, they just started to use it on the fly. Second it needs to be flexible to be able to get out form it exactly what I need. CRM should not be used only for collecting data but for using them. Epesi gives you a lot of flexibility with configuration and by using custom fields you can create. Third it should help us with keeping our customers up to date with our communication, offering, educational brochures we produce. Epesi has those premium modules that you can use in a very easy way investing few bucks. I have just installed e-mail campaign manager and get it up and running – it works perfectly Finally (and this is the reason why I decided to write this review) it is the level of support. With open source projects it is sometimes very hard to get help. Here with Epesi I experienced a great level of support and engaged people. I recommend Epesi as a great CRM system. Guys thank you for creating this project.


This is the absolute best CRM out there. I have used Sugar and VTiger. All of those are extremely difficult to program. This software is extremely user-friendly. If you are looking for a CRM, look no further because this is it! As with any new development there is a bug here are there but nothing compared to the limitations and hacking that has to go on in other CRM’s to get them to work. Biggest downfall on this is lack of support however the software is sooooooooooo easy to use that I didn’t need support to set it up, correct any modsec issues on the server, install addons, or to begin using this actively within my business. Most of the addons are free. The others that people worked extremely hard on you have to pay for but nothing compared to what you pay on other CRM’s. (I am guessing the 1 star reviews are bots. nobody in their right mind would give this software 1 star!)

Lucia Turner Cox

Our company is working with the developers to customize EpesiBIM for our business. We have replaced Access database, as well as several ongoing spreadsheets and other documents. We have remote users in several locations, the system serves as our source for file sharing and archiving, as well as ongoing project reports. Our users find it easy to use/ understand, as well as powerful to accomplish tasks in individualized ways. The system is fantastic. Highly recommend!

Ralph Harvey

I just wanted to say how amazed I was when your fantastic software sprung to life. For many years I had the notion to build such a system - and all the requirements I’d accrued over 30 years in the industry .. are pretty much all there. This is a wonderful piece of software engineering and I thank all those that collaborated and contributed to make this software the extraordinary tool it is.