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Telaxus is a technology company specializing in developoment of CRM and ERP solutions for small and medium size businesses utilizing our own platform - EPESI Business Information Manager.

EPESI BIM is a result of many years of experience working with SMB businesses and addresses inefficiencies of current e-mail “collaboration” workflow and commonplace data management using inadequate spreadsheet applications. It is a completely web based application designed for small and medium-sized enterprises trying to optimize business processes, simplify office work and reduce administrative costs. It does not require any client to be installed - any modern browser on any operating system will work - drastically reducing the deployment cost.

Our software can make your organization more efficient, better organized and more competitive. We can help you simplify and automate internal procedures with management of important business information.


We support free and open source software (FOSS) and released EPESI under MIT license. It is available on Github and Sourceforfge. Powering thousands of businesses around the world it has been translated into over 30 languages.

On our radar we see Blockchain and OpenBazaar as possible solutions to pseudo-anonymous business-to-businees (B2B) peer-to-peer network where exchange of goods and services as well as payments for them will be frictionless and very low cost. Current technologies are still in a very early stage of development but we will try to build support for Bitcoin payments and peer-to-peer e-commerce as soon as possible. At this moment Epesi already has a connector to Drupal Commerce - an open source eCommerce framework using Epesi as a back end for inventory management, stock and order tracking, including shipping and e-mail notifications and Drupal as a front end e-commerce shop.

We hope to build a new standard for modern, easy to use and intuitive business applications that are affordable to any business size and budget. EPESI CRM is our attempt to provide free and open source solution that can reduce operating costs of any company increasing chances of a success.

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