We are using many Open Source projects within Epesi framework and by giving Epesi BIM for free is our way to say Thank you.

Open Source Initiative

There are handful of contributors that have been working on Epesi. We are very thankful to all community members that contributed their time to make Epesi more available across the world.

Epesi DevOps Team

Janusz Tylek • Project Maintainer and Founder
Karina Tylek • Business Development Director

Community Contributors

Georgi Hristov • Programming, fixes, improvements

Previous Contributors

Adam Bukowski - Lead Programmer, Software Design , Coding
Pawel Bukowski - Programmer, Software Design , Coding
Pawel Jedwabny - Programmer, Software Design , Coding
Arek Bisaga - Programmer, Software Design , Coding
Olga Chlebus - Project & Translations Coordinator, Help files
Marcin Steczkiewicz - Graphics, Theme, CSS, icons
Agnieszka Steczkiewicz - Technology Evangelist
Norbert Nader - Programmer, Software Design, Coding