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Writing good software takes a lot of time and effort. We have been working on Epesi since summer of 2006.

After 17 years, Epesi become a mission critical, strategic software for hundreds of small and mid-size companies and organisations.

Surprisingly, there are many Epesi users who use the software for over a dozen years without upgrading, without any modifications or extensions, who never contacted us. It turns out that even basic Epesi CRM was sufficient enough to run their businesses.

"Above all, being part of an open-source culture, with its fast-changing processes and systems, is an incredible driver of an organisation's digital transformation. Sharing, co-creation and open innovation have profoundly changed the system, making open-source software a strategic option for many companies."
Daniel Glazman, VP Software Technologies at Thales

Epesi is a powerful tool with many features and possibilities, that is given to community for free and under truly Open Source license. It gives opportunities for many kind of people that would like to join the development, distribution and popularization of Epesi by contributing their time and skills. We appreciate any support from our users.

Support us with Donation

If you find our software useful and want to support us but you’re not able to engage with your time and work contributions, we will gladly accept any donation.

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Contribute to Free and Open Source Software project Epesi

You can get involved in the project and the software as a:

  • Partner - by introducing Epesi to new users and helping them with issues they may encounter
  • Developer - by helping us with development of new features, documentation, new ideas or by creating new Epesi modules
  • Translator - by making new or expanding existing translations of Epesi interface
  • Employee - we recruit talented people to join our team and get paid
  • Customer - by creating new modules for Epesi in your company and sharing/selling them to community

See more detailed description below and don't hesitate to contact us! We appreciate any support from our users.

Contact us via Support Ticket

Epesi Partnership Program:

If you are working in IT industry as IT Consultant, Solution Provider or System Integrator, and find that your customers can benefit from using our application, we would like to invite you to our Epesi Partnership Program.

We'd like to cooperate with specialists, who can install Epesi, migrate data, train new users and administrators and provide support for Epesi users in their native language.

As our partner/consultant you will be helping your own customers with installation, configuration like adding new fields to record sets, data migration, training, support, troubleshooting and so on. As a partner you will be supported by our technical support team as well.

Participation in this program is FREE, however to become a partner you or your company need to show proficiency in the following areas:

  • configure HTTP server of choice - Linux, OS X, Windows - with PHP support
  • setup MySQL or PostrgeSQL database
  • experience with .htaccess file or it's equivalent
  • install EPESI
  • perform initial configuration including adding new users, check roles and permissions, configure e-mail accounts
  • setup a clone of the production EPESI instance for training and testing purposes
  • setup an automated backup of EPESI database appropriate for your environment
  • setup a backup of EPESI/data directory or the entire virtual host
  • provide JIT (Just In Time) Training
  • migrate data from other systems - Companies and Contacts
  • general knowledge of all standard modules and its functions
  • maintain an up to date demo of EPESI for training and demonstration purposes

Once you show that the above requirements are met a link to your site will be listed in our Partners Network Directory. We will require at least one page on your web site dedicated to description of EPESI system and your services associated with this application with a link to our site. The page must be easily accessible from the main page of your site.

Partners are not obligated but highly encouraged to participate actively on our EPESI forum. Number of posts and your ranking will be listed in the Partners Network Directory.

EPESI partnership program is in its early stages. Other benefits are planned in the future and partners' expectations will, of course, also be taken into account.

Become an EPESI consultant today - it's a great opportunity that will benefit all sides!

Open a ticket to become our Partner