Free CRM

EPESI CRM is a fully functional and completely free web based application that is required in any company. Its code is open source, which means you can change it as you like. It is a very useful tool with multiple features that allows you to organize, process and store information in your business in a way that allows easy sharing, access and control.


Thanks to its modular design it serves also as a base for extensions - it is prepared for additional modules to be attached to it, like building blocks. You can get these modules from our store, create them yourself or ask some third party to do so.

How to install Epesi?

EPESI CRM has many advantages that are desired by companies. It allows to store data on servers in a very simple and accessible way, allowing you to use the safety and security of advanced computer technologies. It makes data sharing very easy and fast, allowing you to share all kinds of calendar events, client data and internal information. With EPESI all company employees can access data from anywhere - all the requirements are an Internet connection and a web browser. EPESI also records a full history of changes and other user activities and allows to control the data access down to individual fields.

EPESI CRM Features

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