The World's Smallest Open Source ERP Application Server

RasPiEsi Epesi ENS Node v1.0 "Stasiu" Edition

RasPiEsi is The World's Smallest Open Source ERP Application Server powered by Epesi and running on $5 USD Raspberry Pi Zero with 1 CPU and 512 MB RAM DietPi Linux distro and LLMP stack with memcached support and Epesi CRM preinstalled and fully configured.

Only 130 MB of RAM used when idle!
Ready to run turn-key cloud native application server perfect for microservices because of extremely low memory footprint

"RasPiEsi is the smallest possible Epesi Node I was able to build with the smallest RAM usage of only 133MB!" wrote Epesi ERP author Janusz Tylek. "Thanks to the excellent DietPi distro this tiny server runs Epesi surprisingly well especially on a fast SD card. It should run unmodified on any Raspberry Pi - from the lowest end $5 RPi Zero with no WiFi and 1 CPU and 512 MB of RAM (used to create this disk image), to the high end RPi 4. Tested fine on RPi 3 - unmodified, just swapped between units!"

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Janusz Tylek is releasing RasPiEsi to mark the anniversary of his father's birthday. Stanisław Tylek was born on January 30, 1931 in Cracow and lost his father when he was 9 months old. His stepfather did not beat him, thus is how he recalls his childhood. Stanisław (en. Stanley), or "Stasiu" would have been 92 this year, almost as old as David Attenborough. He was an engineer responsible for the Tower of Jasna in Tarnów among other things. A mayor of the Xth district of Cracow elected in the first democratic elections in Poland in 1989. He was an independent and was elected for two 4 year terms. "For my father's Stanisław birthday: January 30th, 1931"

"I was, I am proud of who my father was and this is an extremely important aspect in a life of every man, every son." said RasPiEsi creator, Janusz Tylek.

Download RasPiEsi

Custom SD image called RasPiEsi (Raspberry Pi Epesi) based on DietPi distro was created by Janusz Tylek on 01/30/2023 for download at SourceForge and Github.

LAMP Stack Variant includes DietPi Linux distro, Raspbian 11 bullseye, Lighttpd, tuned MariaDB, PHP version 7.4.33 FPM, ZRAM installed, memcached tweaked, mc Midnight Commander.

logo_raspiesi RasPiEsi_0

RasPiEsi's MIT licence allow you to fork it, customize and distribute.

Download from SourceForge Download from Github

Build cool stuff with it like Epesi RAIN

Epesi RAIN is a cluster of Redundant Array of Inexpensive Nodes build with RasPiEsi nodes.


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