Projects & Tickets

Projects & Tickets (sometimes also referred to as Bugtracker) is a module for dividing and organizing work on various projects. It was at first designed as a mechanism for managing software development, and quickly evolved into an invaluable tool for any company with project based work organization. This module provides you with elaborate ticketing system with dependencies, statuses, attachments, comments, priorities and more.

Projects & Tickets Features

  • List of projects - with information on project manager, customers, dates and descriptions
  • Project statuses - planned, approved, canceled, in progress, on hold, completed
  • List of tickets - with assigned employees, ticket owner, due date and connected project
  • Ticket statuses - new, open, in progress, resolved, awaiting feedback, closed
  • Claiming new tickets - by unassigned employees, an options that increases flexibility
  • Ticket priorities - critical, major, minor, trivial - marked with different background colors in applet
  • Ticket dependencies - tickets may require multiple other tickets to be finished, which leads to markings of ‘blocked’, ‘no longer blocked’ and ‘blocking’
  • Ticket types - an extendable list, by default including ‘bug’ and ‘feature request’ options
  • Dashboard applets - configurable, for both projects and tickets
  • Notes and attachments - unlimited number of comments, suggestions, files and discussions for every project and ticket
  • CRM integration - contacts, companies


Modules required


Commercial Epesi License for Premium modules
MIT license for Epesi Core and CRM

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